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-A service fee of $25 will be billed to your account for any subscription changes. If an account is upgraded to a higher level (more expensive) plan you will pay the pro-rated amount until the next billing cycle. If you downgrade your subscription level, no refund for that remaining month can be paid; however, the next bill will be the new subscription level with the new lower price.

-You will lose your discount if payment expires (don’t worry, you’ll be notified by email ahead of time if your payment is about to expire).

-Quickbooks Online will still handle your customer service/support questions. Visit and select “Support” for support options. Support and training is available at our normal hourly billable rate. Please call 916.970.0057 for details.

-Please wait 48-72 hrs for changes to take effect. If you currently have a Quickbooks Online subscription and you will be billed within the next 3 days, Call Quickbooks and cancel your plan before you are billed again. Tell them your Pro Advisor is moving you to wholesale billing and your payment settings will be updated by us. You will be emailed once the changes have been made.

-We are not responsible for any loss of any kind to you as the user as a result of using this service and/or Quickbooks Online including, but not limited to, data loss and down time. Any damages for such loss would be limited to the fees paid for subscription services. For payroll services through Quickbooks Online, it is the users responsibility to verify accuracy of information and the user is responsible for filings as well as any late fees or penalties that could be incurred.
-Terms, conditions, pricing, discounts, special features, and service and support options subject to change without notice.

By using this service and checking the Terms of Use checkbox, upon subscription signup, you agree to these terms of use.

Please contact for any questions or comments.